Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why all the fuss?

Who is Harold Camping and why has he become the lightning rod for angry Christians?

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  1. Christians are angry because Harold Camping is systematically, irresponsibly, and dreadfully wrong. Matt 24:42-44 says to "watch" and "be ready" BECAUSE "you don't know" when Jesus is coming; but Camping says that things are different now. He says, "Aaron in turn was born the year of Amram’s death," even though Amram was father to Moses three years after Aaron (Ex. 6:20; 7:7). He condemns "the churches," the most well-equipped agencies on earth to protect people from his heresies and torturings of reason.

    Why the anger? Same reason Paul was angry at Peter. Same reason Jesus was angry at those who lead the little ones astray (Luke 17:2). Judgment Day is, indeed, coming May 21. The question is, will his followers even then escape their bondage to his influence?